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Today, we are experiencing a gigantic global transformation of the energy world. Renewable energy is on the rise. A large number of small, distributed energy resources (DERs) is about to replace conventional power plants. E-Mobility and ecosystems are being shaped by smart charging technology and solutions across Residential, Commercial and Industrial bringing complete infrastructure changes. Voltre Technologies is developing architecture and frameworks of tomorrow, today.

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smart electric vehicle technology With a wide range of smart features and services
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Smart Electric Vehicle
Charging Features

Charge smarter

Our smart electric vehicle charging controllers provide load and power management enabling end users to charge in a smart way: faster, economically or environmentally friendly.

Plug & Charge or Remote

Our smart electric vehicle charging controllers support both Plug & Charge and Remote/Smart charging modes. So you can use same controller for any customer need.

Solar power

Chargers with our smart electric vehicle controllers are ready to manage solar power and any other renewable energy source and decide on how to charge.

Grid power

Our smart EV controllers manage power available from the grid and protect from excessive power draw and surges. We also support dynamic power limits management if supported.

Billing and Payments

Our smart electric vehicle controllers are ready to provide public charging service with billing and payments integrated in your charger with multiple options.

Simple to use App

Integrated with mobile App for iOS and Android, have ready-go everywhere access for full charging management so you remain in control over the charger wherever you are.

Fits your EV

Our smart electric vehicle controllers serve hundreds of different electric vehicles and we make sure that they are fully compliant with each and every EV, with constant product updates delivered to your product's firmware.

API Integration

Our technology allows to seamlessly and painlessly integrate smart electric vehicle controllers in any other system such as CRM, ERP, Smart Energy, Mobile application or web application.


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